Thursday, August 6, 2009

Bagged another one boys...Warmachine/Hordes

OK, so TS and I played a game of Warmachine vs. Hordes action last night out in the Santa Rosa Op For southern annex (my garage), and the trollBLOOD was flowing! The fanatical forces under the command of Severius laid the serious smack down on the trollblood and allied bog trog infantry. The notorious trollblood bounty hunter and his old rhulic drinking buddy Brun Crackback were on the run from the rampaging Menite forces trying to avoid capture and a trip to the gallows and barbeque in their honor by ducking in and out of terrain.

Grim hunkered down behind a rock outcrop, dodging redeemer rockets, spells, zealot bombs, and taking shots with his high caliber rifle while keeping an eye on Severius scalp. He popped his feet restricting the enemies movement and avoiding capture 1 more turn. All the while the crafty Brun Crackback was moving around the Menoth flank, and then POW burst from the woods and gave Severius a face full of blunderbus shot!

Bloody for the trollbloods (just Grim and Brun were left standing to probably 60-70% of the remaining Menoth forces), but goes to show that you can't keep a good troll (or dwarf) down, especially when there's a bounty to collect.


Spooktalker said...

Great report, thanks CB!

skywatcher said...

That's pretty much how it went. I was throwing everything I had at 'em. CB's army went down against the angry menites, but the slippery locks were hard to nail down. Being very lop-sided during the game, I was hoping to pull one out here. But a key victory factor was determined when one of CB's beasts knocked out my Revenger's movement. That made it almost impossible to get anything arc noded onto his caster, which would have ruined his day. CB is very skilled with the shooty. Ending the last two games of WM/HDS with my caster taking a shot to the head from beyond the grassy knoll. Well done dude!