Friday, August 21, 2009

Adepta Sororitas v. Khorne daemons

Adepta Sororitas quickly put together the trickle of disturbing news, originating from the outer rim sector, which painted a very grim picture of the Emperors might, a planet side station that monitors the ebb and flow of the warp.

A strong strike force was deployed planet side as soon as was available, which unfortunately was too late for the monitoring station. Upon deployment, the Adepta Sororitas was ambushed by a strong contingent of Khorne daemons. Surronded, but far from out gunned the sisters held their ground and sent these warp spawn back to the depths of hell from whence they came!

Thanks Greg for a good game, even if it was at outer planes >.< It was nice to finally win a 40k game, lol

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Op-For said...

It was an innocent mistake, the Khorne Daemons thought the purple SOB's were Slaaneshi.